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Much like the wristwatch you might sport, or through your choice of any other utilitarian objects like even your mighty iPod, your spectacles go a long way in defining your look. Although the spectacles, and most importantly, new spectacles should be primarily chosen for prescription accuracy and comfort, it does in a certain way exude certain vibes from you. Unique spectacles might look snazzy, but if they sit uncomfortably on the bridge, then you’d be constantly aware of that difficulty, and that discomfort would definitely show.

So Why Exactly Do I Bother?

You need not be someone whose life is constantly dictated by fashion trends to realize that your eyewear constitutes a rather considerable part of your face, and hence it’s essential to spend some time choosing one. If you want to shuffle through your looks, you could even have more than one pair of Spectacles, each one adding a different feature to your facial contours. Spectacles go a long way in accentuating certain features in your facial contour, and if intelligently chosen, it can add dollops of flavours even to a plain-vanilla look.

This is where we come in…

Our exhaustive range of spectacles includes the prices of prescription lenses, known for their high degree of accuracy. The other peripheral costs are also clearly stated, so you wouldn’t have to bother about extra or additional costs, or hidden expenses while accepting delivery. With a truly mind-boggling range to choose from, our collection begs you ask the question to yourself – What look would you go with, today?

Irrespective of your prescription details, you would surely find the best spectacle for yourself in accordance to your budget, style and requirements. So, pick up a new set of spectacles from our collection, and start seeing the world in a new light, literally!

Remembering how you look

While picking up your spectacles, it’s essential that you remember your facial contours and features well, and choose something that goes well with it. You’d be wearing your spectacles for the better part of the day, and most importantly, in public, so you’d need them to accentuate your facial features and draw attention from certain aspects too.

No two facial structures are the same, but with a little tweak here and there, you could find the perfect fit for yourself from our extensive catalogue. You could use the general index to face shapes as a starting point, but then, it would actually be a miracle if your face exactly conforms to the shapes given. So use the index with some discretion, and don’t balk at re-thinking and double-thinking your choices.

Shapes that Matter

The Square Face – the Square facial shape is noted for its broad features that end in a square, strong and prominent jaw line. The square face requires curved frames, like round and oval frames that would mute the natural angularity of the facial features. The sides should be attached at the top of the frame to make the curve of the lenses visible.

The Round Face – the Round or the all-round symmetrical face is characterized by shorter length and a broad forehead. The roundness of the face is accentuated by fuller cheeks, often with dimples, and a naturally curved jaw line. The frames to go for would be the more angular frames that cut your face in a certain straight angle, drawing attention to the upper part of the face. Squares, top-heavy trapezoids and upswept shades are best for round faces, while shapes that accentuate the roundness are not. So smaller curved frames and large bee-eyed frames are definitely out!

The Oval Face – the Oval or the ‘almond’ shape is symmetrical and well-balanced, and can carry a lot of styles. If you have an oval face, chances are that you’ll have high cheekbones, a delicately tapering jaw line and a lot of chances to go for an adventurous look! The best frames for oval faces are smaller, angular frames, while anything that hurts your bridge or impedes full vision is definitely out.

The Long Face – High Cheekbones, deep-set forehead and yet a rounded jaw line, those are the characteristics of a long face. The best frames to go would be wider frames that accentuate the natural width of the face, and coloured frames would also go well. Do look at square frames that have a pronounced upper-line.

The Heart-shaped Face – the Heart-shaped face is characterized by wider forehead and a tapered chin. Smaller, thinner frames with accentuated lower parts would suit your face just fine, while top-heavy frames should be avoided.

The Triangular Face – Much like the square face, the triangular face has an accentuated jaw line. Any heavy frame style that adds volume and definition to the upper, narrower part of your forehead would be a good match, while slender frames are not really suited.

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