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How do I get a Prescription?

Getting and Understanding your Prescription

In order to buy prescription glasses from Sunglass you will need your prescription, if you do not have a prescription you either do not need glasses or you haven’t had your eyes tested recently.  If you have not had your eyes tested in the past 2 years then we highly recommend visiting your local optician for a check up, not only will this test tell you if you require glasses but it also acts as a general health check.


Get your Prescription

You have just had your eyes tested but your optician won’t give you a copy of your prescription for fear of you not buying glasses from them?  Well, under the UK Opticians Act of 1989, it is the obligation of any optician to provide you with a prescription. The optician will provide you with a thorough eye examination and is then required by Law to provide you with a copy of your prescription for your own records.

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